***Fast Turnaround Time*** 1-2 Business days for Faux Leather, Regular vinyl and HTV; 1-3 business days for Patterned HTV and/or Vinyl.

Blue Sapphire is happy to announce that we are finally able to offer patterned adhesive vinyl.  For custom prints please contact us for a quote. We can print and laminate up to 54" in width.

Our vinyl is provided by Oracal, it is equivalent of Oracal 651. It is outdoor durable for up to 3 years (without any clear coating). Everything is printed with our professional grade Roland TruVIS eco-solvent printer. 

*It is recommended that a clear coat (laminate) should be applied over the printed vinyl to extend the life of your decal. Clear coat will reduce wear and tear with high contact items (such as cellphones, tumblers, mugs,etc.) and will act as a UV protection umbrella.

For a low cost of $0.99 per square foot, our Royal Sovereign laminator can facilitate all your laminating needs. 

Please note:  
**Glitter images are faux glitter. These are printed images, not actual glitter. Foils and metallics are printed to resemble foils and metallic.

**Adjust your cut setting due to added thickness of lamination. Test cut is recommended.

Note: Orders containing patterned products may need 2-4 additional days to process.

Patterned Adhesive Vinyl

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